Our Mission

To act collectively and bring about consistent and sustained profitability for our shareholders.

For Producers

To be a strong organisation that is responsive to producer needs.

For Customers

To be responsible suppliers of a high quality product that meets your requirements.

Welcome to Provelco

Provelco has been established to add value to it’s shareholders’ farming businesses through superior services and sustainable returns.



Provelco is 100% owned by deer velvet producers. For the first time in the history of deer farming in New Zealand, the grower has a vehicle to look after both their product and their best interests.

Contact Details:

Provelco Head Office
26 Sonter Road, Wigram
Christchurch NEW ZEALAND

Phone: 64 3 348 5080
Fax:     64 3 348 5084

Email: ross@provelco.co.nz
Mobile: 027 280 5586

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