The Provelco Cooperative membership extends to all areas of New Zealand, a membership which shares a common interest in high quality farming systems and producing excellent velvet. We are proud to take their product to market and hope that these photographs of representatives from the four regions help illustrate the commitment and dedication to quality that runs right through Provelco.

Upper North Island
Dorothy Carter and Manager Bill Robinson of Raroa Deer Stud Cambridge

Lower North Island
Ponty, Matt and Oscar von Dadelszen of Mangapurakau Station Waipukurau

Upper South Island
Donald and Kathy Hudson of Ardleigh Deer Farm Geraldine

Lower South Island
Christopher and Margaret Hughes of Te Anau

As part of that dedication to quality each stick of velvet has an individually numbered tag to identify where it came from.
Type the tag number into the field below to trace it to the region of origin.